Greater Barre Community Justice Center
20 Auditorium Hill, Barre, VT 05641 • 802-476-0276


Board of Directors
Roni Coleman Board Chair
Mary Anne Owen Vice-Chair
Robert Kershaw Secretary
Robert Purvis Treasurer
Patricia A. Paola  
Michael Boutin City Representative

Jeannie MacLeod – Executive Director
Jeannie oversees day to day operations of the Justice Center, both fiscal and programmatic, and promotes restorative principles. A mediator, she believes in the power of communication.
“When there is trust, conflict becomes nothing but the pursuit of truth, an attempt to find the best possible answer.” -Patrick Lencioni

Sara Winters – Coordinator, Transitional Housing Program; Case Manager
Sara coordinates our Transitional Housing Program and provides case management to our core members and transitional housing residents. She provides service navigation to others under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, and is a community liaison to many landlords and employers as well, helping our clients find work and a home when they are ready to move on.

Ryan Stevenson – Coordinator, Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA)
Ryan coordinates and facilitates the weekly COSA meetings with core members (offenders) and volunteers, to support and hold the core member accountable for past and current actions. He is also responsible for recruiting and supervising COSA volunteers. In addition, Ryan co-facilitates ACTV (Achieving Change Through Values Based Behaviors), a domestic violence accountability program.

Erica Back – Coordinator, Restorative Justice Program
Erica is responsible for organizing and running the restorative justice panels and supervising volunteers. She ensures that all clients receive the optimal restorative response to conflict and crime, and makes sure that victims are offered participation in the process.

Stephanie Peabody – Operations Manager
Stephanie keeps data and helps with grant reporting, as well as doing the administration and human resources tasks associated with the functioning of the GBCJC. She ensures that the Center’s infrastructure runs smoothly and in a timely fashion.

History of GBCJC

In January, 2002 with a planning grant from the AHS, a steering committee of local citizens formed and talked to a wide range of local, regional and state stakeholders in order to solicit their needs, concerns, existing resources, support, and commitment to participating in a justice partnership. The intent was to form a Justice Center in Central Vermont.

Because funding must go to a municipal fiscal agent, it was decided to create two Justice Centers, one in Barre and one in Montpelier. The steering committee split to form two groups. With the information gathered, the steering committee wrote a grant request and presented it to the Barre City Council in October of 2002 for their approval. So approved, the grant was submitted to the AHS, and the Justice Center received funding in January 2003.

Representatives from Barre business, city government, schools and community formed the Citizen Advisory Board and were approved by the City Council in April 2003. An executive director was hired in May, 2003.

Since May 2003, the Center started administering three existing Restorative Justice Panels for the Barre area, and conducted community mediations and community forums. A pre-charge program was established, which was the precursor to the Washington County Restorative Justice Alternative Program. This program is currently operating and growing strong. Many trainings have been conducted, including restorative justice.

In 2005, the Justice Center obtained a grant to serve offenders returning to the community from incarceration. The Restorative Reentry Program uses Circles Of Support and Accountability (COSAs) to "walk with" the core member to help ensure a successful reentry. This program has been growing and has served many over the years.

In 2007, the GBCJC became a non-profit, continuing its work for Barre City and the surrounding area.


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