Barre Community Justice Center

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We are always on the lookout for caring, conscientious volunteers to help further our mission to the community.
Volunteer positions include:
Circle Of Support and Accountability (COSA) Volunteer for the Offender Reentry Program People are coming out of prison and returning to the Barre community on a weekly basis. These are not new members to the community. These are people who have significant ties to the area; they are returning to their families, communities and jobs.

You can make a difference. We need teams of volunteers willing to work with offenders as they transition from prison back into our community. The COSA volunteer will work in teams of three with an individual offender.

By joining a COSA team you will work very closely (on a weekly basis) with an offender returning to the Barre community. Your role is to offer mentorship and support to an offender who has expressed a desire to change and a commitment to cause no more harm. As a trained team, the group will help to establish clear expectations for the offender with regard to community behavior and responsibility. The commitment is for one year of service. Please call the Justice Center to find out more about this opportunity.

Restorative Justice Panel Volunteer Says one volunteer: “As a board member, you engage in and model relationships with members of your community. You get to make a “hands-on” difference in the lives of others and in your own life as well!”

Serving on a Restorative Justice Panel, community members work as a team with 3-5 other Board members to conduct a structured problem-solving meeting with persons responsible for and affected by a crime. This meeting is focused on understanding the harm caused, how the offender will make amends, and actions the offender will take to avoid re-offending. Staying away from a punitive mindset, as a board member you would represent the community perspective and ensure a restorative justice response to the crime committed. The team, along with active involvement from the offender and affected parties, construct a plan for the offender to make amends.

Restorative Justice Panel members serve the community in two ways. First, they help people affected by crime be heard and have their needs attended to. And second, they support people who have done wrong to understand the impact their actions have on victims, affected parties and the community.

Training is required for this position, as are two observations of working Panels prior to sitting on a Panel. There are 1-2 meetings/month, which go for 2-3 hours. A commitment of a year is preferred.

Board of Directors The GBCJC Board is a diverse group of citizens who, with representation from city government, work together to plan and implement the direction of the Center. The group meets for board meetings every second Monday, as well as participating in other committees when needed: financial, fund raising, nominating and other ad hoc committees. Board terms are 1-3 years. Restorative justice training is required.

For more information about any of the above, please contact GBCJC